BARCO reaches benchmark of 10,000 digital cinema projectors install bases in China


Published: 07/24/2013


BARCO reaches benchmark of 10,000 digital cinema projectors install bases in China


Global visualization leader Barco proudly announces that it has installed 10,000 units of its digital cinema projectors install bases thus far in Greater China. Being the first manufacturer to reach this number, Barco affirms its status as a market leader for high-quality projection systems and powerful service support while also enhancing its global presence.


CFG-Barco is responsible for the installation of Barco digital cinema projectors and after-sale service in even the most remote areas of China, such as Hainan and Tibet. Over the years, the company has set up a reliable service network, supported by over 100 in-house customer service engineers who take care of installation, training, inspection repair and maintenance. On top of that, more than 2,000 engineers from partner companies have graduated from Barco University and are ready to provide local users with comprehensive and professional services for Barco products.


Broad portfolio, advanced services


Barco products for the digital cinema market include the 2K and 4K digital cinema projectors for large venues, 2K projectors for middle-or small-sized screen and S2K projectors for small cinemas. Among the latter is the DP2K-Cx, which was specially customized for China's customers. In addition, Barco's first S2K projector, the DP2K-10Sx, was developed in cooperation with China's R&D team, specifically addressing the needs of local customers.


In order to deliver to, promote and efficiently service its vast user base in China, Barco has established a global network for support and all-around services: CineCare. Covering more than 700 units in China, CineCare allows customers to access important business data and equipment on a real-time basis and enables remote monitoring of projectors, servers, cinema management systems and automatic controllers in cinemas. In case of any fault or failure, the center can immediately identify its cause and solve it.


Customer confidence


More even than its impressive portfolio and servicing efforts, Barco acknowledges that the trust of its customers is the main reason for the company's success in the region. "Thanks to their confidence, we been able to maintain a market share in China of over 60%, says Mr. Phil Chen, General Manager of CFG-Barco. "And the future looks even brighter. With the booming of the local film industry and the rollout of China's 12th Five-Year Plan, it is estimated that the number of new digital screens will skyrocket. Needless to say, we will continue to consolidate the partnerships with our customers and are committed to provide premium products and services to address their demands in the best way possible.


Wim Buyens, Senior Vice-President of Barco and General Manager Entertainment Division, concurs: "This is a major milestone for Barco in China and an acknowledgement of our contribution and commitment to the local market. We will strain every nerve to keep providing our digital cinema customers with the best immersive solutions and to offer moviegoers an increasingly striking experience.




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